Photos from the
8th Annual Dinner at the Downtown Athletic Club
May 1988

kindly sent by Robert Alessi, son of Detective Al Alessi:
please send IDs of those not identified, or
send your images of the 1988 dinner.

1. Various unidentified guests.

2. Various unidentified guests.

3. Lorraine Alessi (Detective Al Alessi's daughter), Ricky Velez (Detective Hecky Velez's son), and Hecky Velez .

4. Al Alessi at podium.

5. In foreground: Marilyn DeNicola and Lorraine Alessi (Al Alessi's daughters), Ricky Velez, and Hecky Velez.

6. Al Alessi in center,
with two unidentied colleagues.

7. Al Alessi, right, with colleagues.

8. Al Alessi, center, with colleagues.

9. Various guests.

10. Hecky Velez and Janet Alessi.

11. Paul Vitrano at podium.

12. Janet & Al Alessi.

13. Lenny Newman at podium.

14. Unidentified guest at left with
Hecky Velez and Al Alessi.

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