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Appeals Bureau, circa 1970:
Standing, L to R: Jack Kress, Burt Lipshie, David Levinson, Bill Donnino, Ben
Gershman, David Otis Fuller, Lou Friedman, Herman Kaufman. , with Mr. Hogan.
Seated, L to R: Mr. Hogan, Marjorie Fine Knowles, Harold Shapiro, Michael Juviler,
Sybil Landau, [unidentified], Suzanne Gottlieb.

1.2 Rackets Bureau, 1972 or 1973:
L to R: Dave Worgan, Al Scotti, Michael Haynes, Gerald LaBush, Phil Russotti, John
Patten, Ron Goldstock, Ken Conboy, Franklyn Snitow, Bill Dowling, Austin
Campriello, [unidentified], Bill Hoyt, John Antonas.

1.3 Frauds Bureau, 1970:
standing, L to R: Andy Somers, Dave Cunningham,
Jeff Atlas, Roy Kulscar, Malcolm Segal, Cliff Fishman.
seated, L to R:
Mr. Hogan, Frank Rogers, Leonard Newman (Bureau Chief),
Murray Gross, Oscar Cohen.
All, including Mr. Hogan, are wearing matching neckties obtained by Roy Kulscar from his tie maker.


1.5 Rackets Bureau:
Standing, L to R: Lawrence Hochheiser, John Fine,
Ronald Goldstock, Lawrence Goldman, Bill Aronwald, Jim Leavy.
Seated, L to R: Mr. Hogan, Peter Andreoli,
Alfred J. Scotti (ham and cheese on rye with a Pepsi), Joseph Phllips, Samuel Yasgar.

1.6 L to R: Richard Uviller, Leslie Crocker Snyder, Marion Hepp and James L. Daly


1.8 Al Scotti with Mr. Hogan.

1.9 Leonard Newman.

1.10 155 Leonard Street, now 1 Hogan Place

Burton S. Goldstein, Investigator, at left, being honored at the 1986 Hogan Associates annual dinner at the NY Athletic Club; award presented by Lt. Raymond Gleason.

1.12 David Worgan and John Keenan.
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